Our Mission Statement

The Owl Sanctuary intends to provide dedicated tailored attractions to all visitors, based upon the concepts of “Owls, Conservation and Education” in all its variations.

To offer its educational facilities to the casual tourist visiting the Lake District and to schools and local groups as well as associations and Care Homes for education and therapy through out the North West.

To provide a dynamic, hands-on educational attraction to people of all ages, from all ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs.

We can visit you at your school, club, group, association, care home or event for a cost to cover travelling and a donation towards the Owls upkeep. If you would like to book a visit or have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us using the  ‘Contact Us’ tab in the menu above for all available contact options.

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Our Objectives

  • Create conservation of the wild and captive Owl populations.
  • Practical research.
  • Imaginative education.
  • Carry out education and research to improve understanding of these special birds.
  • Encouraging everyone to enjoy and appreciate owls and the web of life on which they depend.
  • Helping children and adults alike to understand owls and their role in the natural world.
  • Harnessing the enthusiasm of volunteers to help safeguard the future of owls.



The life cycle of a Barn Owl

  • Hunting, nest and roost sites.
  • Calls and sounds


  • Storyboard word mat
  • Maths
  • Statistics


  • Barn Owl features and adaptions
  • Transect of Barn Owl habitat
  • Litter layer food and habitat
  • Food chain wed



We are a non profitable charity (1184837) and therefore we rely on donations from the generous general public to keep running.

The money raised on this page will go towards the welfare of the owls this includes: food, rent (aviaries), fuel, general day to day items (cleaning materials,etc).

Any little donation helps and thank you in advance from myself and most important the owls for supporting The Owl Sanctuary!

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