Our Story

I’m Paul Rose, founder and manager of The Owl Sanctuary and I dedicate my life not only to caring for owls, but in educating people about conservation of wild and captive owls.

TV, Films (for example: Harry Potter) and other animated films seem to have fuelled the minds of the general public that owls are a ‘cool’ thing to have as a pet, without firstly knowing the commitment that goes with owning a captive bird and secondly they do not make good pets. As a result of this I have seen the mistreatment and abandonment of these wonderful birds.

My first involvement with owls started with volunteer work for ‘Furness Owls’. This opportunity gave me my interest in owls, the displaying of owls as well as the educating of the general public.

I wanted to carry on with my own sanctuary and head for charitable status, with an education package that I started with ‘Furness Owls’, as well as the public displays that I was giving in the South Lakes area. I knew that there was a large and growing list of owls that were in need of help due to the afore mentioned issues, so in April 2009 my wife and I started ‘Wise Owl World’ (Now named ‘The Owl Sanctuary’). Firstly hiring 2 owls to display from ‘Furness Owls’, before taking on our own owls as and when we rescued them and had made sure that they:
· Would not have the ability to return to the wild and survive on their own.
· Were in good health.
· Were happy to be handled in public.

We now have our own inventory of hand reared and rescued owls Travelling around Cumbria and North Lancashire, I, with the help of a very small team, encourage everyone to enjoy and appreciate these beautiful birds and the web of life on which they depend. We are running a very exiting Schools Education Programme, visiting Residential Care Homes, Groups, Associations, Clubs with a customer/support base growing day by day.

We are a non profitable charity (1184837) and therefore we rely on donations from the generous general public to keep running.

The money raised on this page will go towards the welfare of the owls this includes: food, rent (aviaries), fuel, general day to day items (cleaning materials,etc).

Any little donation helps and thank you in advance from myself and most important the owls for supporting The Owl Sanctuary!

Paul Rose (Founder)

Meet the Team


Paul Rose MBE


Founder and General Manager


Nicola Dawes


Full time owl keeper and Animal Welfare