Name: Thor
Breed: Little Owl
Scientific Name: Athene Noctua

About Thor

Chester was captive bred and needed a home. She is a cheeky chap who loves attention. She is approximately 4 years old and came to us at just 6 weeks of age. In his aviary she has a toy dinosaur and she takes it everywhere with her! It can be a bit of a challenge getting Chester out of bed and she likes to do as little as possible!

The Little Owl

Little Owls were introduced to the UK in the 19th century. They can be seen in the day, usually perching on a tree branch, telegraph pole or rock. They are particularly territorial in the breeding season and consequently very vocal, with a wide variety of vocalisations. They are found in a range of habitats but usually do best in areas of mixed farmland. They also seem to favour old orchards and other more open wooded areas, although they are not woodland birds.​