Name: Jensen
Breed: Boobook Owl
Scientific Name: Ninox Boobook

About Jensen

Jensen is the youngest of our two Boobooks and is also known as ‘Houdini’ here at The Owl Sanctuary due to his several escapes! He has never tried to leave the Sanctuary, just his enclosure. It is always at night, so he is obviously going to parties and then returning home in the morning!

Boobook Owl

The Australian boobook is a species of owl native to mainland Australia, southern New Guinea, the island of Timor, and the Sunda Islands. Described by John Latham in 1801, it was generally considered to be the same species as the morepork of New Zealand until 1999. Its name is derived from its two-tone boo-book call. The boobook owl does not possess the distinctive facial mask of the barn or masked owls. Boobooks are the smallest of the Australian owl species, but they vary in size depending on where they live. Their colour is dark brown with spots of white and grey.