Name: Simba
Breed: Vermiculated Eagle Owl
Scientific Name: Bubo Cinerascens

About Chester

Simba, who is approximately 6 years old, came to us when she was a baby as she had a head twitch that was concerning the owner. Paul offered to take her and as time went by the mystery twitch disappeared! Simba can be quite grumpy at times and does not always want lots of human attention but does enjoy one-on-one time with her handlers.​

Vermiculated Eagle Owl

The greyish eagle-owl or vermiculated eagle-owl is a rather large owl of the northern part of sub-Saharan Africa. It was previously regarded as the northern form of the spotted eagle-owl. They are normally found in semi open savannah, but also in open parks and gardens, where they feed on small mammals, birds, and large insects.​